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The Government of Canada has launched the Digital Adoption Program that allows eligible small to medium-sized business enterprises and businesses to receive grants that will cover up to 90% of eligible costs for up to $15,000 to digitize their business. Businesses can be eligible via one of two streams and take part in this initiative through e-commerce implementations, digital marketing, investing in digital platforms and technologies to generate more business, and improving business operations for more profit and efficiency by making digital investments for your business.

Polar Bear Creative is a CDAP-approved digital advisor.

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Polar Bear Creative is a digital business agency 

We help businesses transition from a traditional brick-and-mortar setting to a modern digital business by helping them select and implement the best tools and systems to meet their needs.

We help address all their technology needs from the very basic ( buying a domain name and setting up email) all the way to choosing the correct industry-specific SAS for their field.







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What is The CDAP?

The Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) is a Canadian Government grant that helps small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) adopt digital technologies to increase their competitiveness. The CDAP provides funding for up to 90% of the cost of the project, with a maximum set at $15,000.

With the recent increase in cyberattacks across all industries and the reliance of most organizations on digital technologies for their daily operations, cybersecurity is a key component of the program.

Are You Eligible?

Organizations that meet the following requirements are eligible to the CDAP funding. You can use the ISED’s assessment tool to confirm if you qualify:

Your are incorporated federally or provincially, or a Canadian resident sole proprietor.

You have generated at least $500,000 of annual revenue in one of the last 3 tax years.

You are a for-profit, privately owned company.

You have between 1 - 499 full-time employees.

How Organizations Can Apply for CDAP Funding


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Use The CDAP Grant to Get an Action Plan to boost your business technology

By working with our advisors, you will receive  


Information about the current state of your business

An audit that is conducted to paint a clear picture of where you are now, and that will help us understand your strategic goals, the business and process challenges, and the current baseline of your current technology.


Technology options analysis

After extensively studying your business, we fill identify a number of diffrent solutions and analyze them to ensure that they align to your business goals and business imperatives.


A digital strategy

We will create a digital strategy for you which take into account your SMEs governance and culture, its business model, its key processes that technology can help to optimize, its current digital strategy, its work methods, its informational and technological capabilities as well as its cybersecurity maturity.


Implementation roadmap

A clear roadmap identifying all the key business actions to be done prior to adoption of digital solutions as well as a proposed list of technology projects or initiatives. For the main projects proposed in the digital adoption roadmap, we will also provide high-level project timelines, dependencies and an appreciation for the costs, the complexity and level of change adopting these new technologies will require.


Kidz Venture Group

Kidz Venture Group is so thankful for Polar Bear, the team has been supporting us since we started in 2011. From website creation to setting up our new location with all of the IT related aspects of the business setup. Always available and never cease to amaze me with how they are always on top of what is new in the market, always in line with our budget, helping us meet targets and always inline with our mission and vision. I highly recommend PB with digital presence, newsletters and creating systems etc. Forever thankful for all of their global support 

Dr. Amineh

Dentist, Creator of Tooth Friendly treats 

As a dentist who doesn’t have a clue about IT and the business field for my marketing the polar bear runs the Mailerlite and also prepared the posters for my workshop.
As well he taught me how to change the information and and handle my newsletters.
I had a session which helped me learn and handle my work my self.

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