A few suggestions about your Home studio

camera equipment studio tech Sep 17, 2020
Over the past few years, I've built my share of home studios... and even a few professional studios back when I was working in university.
If there was ever a rabbit hole you could get trapped in this is it! There is no end to the types and sizes of different toys equipment you can buy for your studio.
In my opinion, the key is to get only what you need at the moment, but make sure that everything that you buy can be expanded upon. you basically want to be able to use everything you buy now later as well... you don't want to replace your studio equipment... just add to them.
Here are just a couple of questions I get on a regular basis - this is by no means an exhaustive list of suggestions, but its a good place to start thinking about your home studio.
- you are better off buying a $100 Logitech c920 webcam instead of using your screen mounted webcam on your laptop... its not high resolution enough
- Lighting is super important, if you are on a budget, you can pick up LED work lights from your local hardware store and use a bit of baking paper to diffuse the light *this can be a fire hazard so be careful*
- if you buy nothing else, buy a mic this is even more important than your video quality... people are willing to sit through bad quality video if they can hear it properly... but even the best visual quality will not save bad audio
- don't stick yourself up against a wall when you are filming, the farther you are away from your background, the more professional your video will look... the depth of field created makes the video look really nice.
- Clamps are your friend.... you can never have enough clamps
Ive curated a list of my favourite stuff for my own home studio here: